5 Ways to Influence Your Man

Do you Wish Your Man would Pay More Attention to You?

Maybe he feels the same way!  To influence him to be more open to communication you must see things from his point of view once in a while. Remember he has a different mind set and views his role in the relationship a little differently.

Here are some of the best ways to appeal to a man and influence him to see things your way:

  •     Compliment him
  •     Show interest in his work.  You may feel he spends too much time & energy at work, but his brain is wired to provide for you and his family.
  •     Listen to him (show that you are listening by asking questions)
  •     Touch him (hugs and kisses)
  •     Share a laugh

While you are doing these things practice Mindful Awareness -watching yourself, your tone, your body language.

Remember, loss of intimacy is cyclical in nature.  You must actively work to avoid that loss of connection and intimacy, not once but continuously.

Check out this video if you are not sure about what mindful awareness is and can do for you:


How to Win back your Husband or Boyfriend’s Heart

Are you worried that you and your man are slowly drifting apart?

Many couples go through periods when they feel that some (or most) of the passion has been drained out of the relationship.  Randy Bennett in his new book  “Melt Your Man’s Heart” gives you some valuable insights as to how to bring back the love in your life.

Not surprisingly, the answers to many of the problems in our relationships lie in universal truths and simple ideas that we are all familiar with. Think first about  the Law of Attraction. This law teaches us that we must vibrate at the level of love  (or be active in giving love)  if we wish to receive it.  Not quite so obvious, although timeless and universally accepted, is the idea that Love begins with self love.  According to Lucille Ball:

“Love yourself and everything else falls in place.”

When you start to worry about how he never listens to you or doesn’t spend time with you anymore,  it triggers a lot of self doubt and negative thoughts.  These ANTS  (automatic negative thoughts) can ruin your day and even your relationship without you knowing it. So the ability to see yourself in another light – to develop self confidence and self esteem is actually the core of being assertive in your communication with your boyfriend or husband.  You have to be able to see yourself as a strong person and know what it is you want from him in order to get the message across to his brain.  This is the key to whether this book (or probably any book) will be able to help you.  According to Michael Jordan:

” You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

Are You Banging Your Head Against the Stone Door of His Heart?

You, yourself, must be open to change before you can expect him to change. You know that your present patterns of behavior (what Bennett calls the Dance of Dysfunction) are not working.   You say the same things to each other over and over.  If you keep on trying to solve a problem by doing the same thing over and over, it  is like banging your head against the stone door of his heart.  To get a different outcome you must change your thinking and your behavior.

“Melt Your Man’s Heart” offers many ways to turn yourself into his dream woman again.  Randy Bennett discusses  five things that will definitely wreak your relationship and thirteen learn-able skills to foster healthy relationships.  However, you must be brave.  It takes a certain amount of courage to give up old habits – even when we know they are not working for us.  We all have a soft spot for our comfort zone and fear change to a certain extent.  The mindset that things could get worse if we change, may be a huge block to your success.  So remember my first admonition to love yourself first and foremost.  That way you really have nothing to lose because you will find yourself and strengthen your core in the process. All people, including your loved ones, are attracted like a magnet to a person with this charisma.

Welcome to My Review of “Melt your Man’s Heart”

Hi there, Michaele here!

Today we are reviewing a brand new book titled:

“Melt your Man’s Heart.”

It’s written by Randy Bennett, MA, LMFT, LCPC, a licensed relationship therapist, who has discovered in his 25 years experience  a special technique you can use to get your man to treat you like he did when you first started dating – forever!

We will reveal whether he really can teach you a secret method to revive that exact same love, attention and warmth from your man, regardless of how long you’ve been together or how rocky your relationship may be.